Helping you to believe that change is possible… and providing the strategies to make it happen

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**Please note: We are not currently taking on new clients until further notice due to a full case load – seeing only existing and (where possible) returning clients**

Psychological therapy can help you feel brighter, more positive, more relaxed, less frustrated and more energetic – helping to increase your confidence to take on the goals, issues and relationships that matter in your life.

Making the step to seek help can be challenging. Peter and Joanne are clinical psychologists who will seek to support you through making the changes and improvements that you want – with strategies to help you reduce any emotional distress, assisting you towards a more satisfying life. Whether you currently feel sad or hopeless; are feeling anxious and want to avoid situations; or feel overwhelmed and frustrated with the pressures of your life… we provide the support and strategies to facilitate change.

Even if you don’t know where to start, we will aim to help you believe that change is possible, working on appropriate shifts in thinking, activities and behaviours to improve your life and wellbeing.

Helping you to believe that change is possible….. and providing the strategies to make it happen.